2012 Artisans of the Wine Country Tempranillo

2012 Artisans of the Wine Country Tempranillo

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Our Portugese family has been growing food and making wine for hundred of years. The family tree began in the Azores Island of St. Jorge where my grandfather took pride in farming and producing wine. The St. Jorge Winery embodies this custom and stays true to the culture. Our red wines follow Portugese-style tradition with a slightly lighter color and fruit flavor. 

This 2012 Tempranillo, one of the noble grapes of the world, was grown here on the St. Jorge Winery in Acampo, California and aged in barrels for 24 months. 

"Let our traditions become your own". -Vern Vierra 

Produced & Bottled by St. Jorge Winery, Acampo, California, for New World Wine Club